Would you eat fried squirrel? Hmmm….

Acclaimed Memphis-based chef Kelly English (of Restaurant Iris and The Second Line fame) hopes to add squirrel to his menu one day. In this video (a project of the Southern Foodways Alliance), he reminisces about eating squirrel as a kid and laments the lack of availability of pasture-raised squirrel.
Would you eat squirrel if it was offered on a high-end menu? English notes they are full of bones which can be a pain to eat. Reminds me of eating stewed iguana when I’m in the Caribbean – there are just too many bones for my taste. I will tell you, as a child in northeastern NC, I tried all kinds of interesting things that my grandpa caught and cooked – crow, squirrel, muskrat, snapping turtle, and fresh-water eels to name a few. He knew how to make all of these tasty and was fearless in his cooking and eating. I must confess, I ain’t that bold. Hell, I have a hard time even eating liver and onions. I’ve gotta buck up my palate!

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