Chef Dani Nation offers one-time opportunities to order from her catering kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Nation’s Catering & Craft Service

by Angela Perez

[Editor’s note: Dani’s dessert event ended on Feb. 13, 2022 but I am leaving up this post because my article also discusses Dani herself as a great Southern chef. Plus, it’s always a good time to read about cheesecake and chess pie.]
It’s a rare event that Chef Dani Nation opens up her private catering kitchen for special orders. As the owner and operator of Raleigh, NC-based Nation’s Catering and Craft Service, Dani is usually traveling to film and t.v. production sites all over the United States, cooking up a multicultural mélange of carefully crafted creative culinary delights (try saying the last part of that sentence 10 times). Now, I must add, she is a Southern chef, born and bred, and those roots undoubtedly shine in her kitchen. But this fearless chef has evolved Southern cooking in ways that continue to engage, delight, and surprise those lucky enough to try her food. (Good gracious almighty, you should try her scallion pimento cheese with bacon fat fried saltines. Offered only a couple of times a year to the public.)
As I said earlier, every once in a while, her social media friends and family are treated to the opportunity to a unique dish. You can either pick them up from Dani or have the food delivered. I must confess, dear reader, I already ordered mine and waited until I had Dani’s confirmation of my order before I shared the opportunity with you. She only takes a VERY limited number of orders, so I had to make sure I’m getting mine first. When she runs out, she runs out. I’m a selfish human being when it comes to Dani’s cooking. So here is Dani’s recent “insider” post (she said I could share it with you): hop to it, honey:

Nation’s will be offering 2 of our most decadent desserts for Valentine’s day! These are 4″ desserts – perfect for one or two servings each – and packaged in unbleached eco friendly brown bakery boxes:
Labneh Cheesecake with Cocoa Nib Cookie Crust and Pomegranate Topping – $16
Honey Sea Salt Chess Pie with Lemon, Grape, and Thyme Garnish – $9

(Note: these are smaller cheesecakes and smaller pies, though big enough to be called something other than “mini.” I’d say, they are great to share for two people and those two people would be have very satisfying portions.)

Contactless pickups on 2/12 & 2/13
Delivery available on 2/14 in Raleigh for $5
Payment: Venmo (@Dani-Nation)
You can direct message Dani from Nation’s Facebook page:

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