Favorite Food Shows: Heavenly Bites – Mexico

One of my newest favorite food shows on Netflix right now is “Heavenly Bites: Mexico.” It is hilarious – very smart ass and tongue in cheek – celebrating Mexicans’ love affair with the quirkiest, most insane food and flavor combinations. Which has, of course, at its base lime and chiles. You’ll lean forward on your couch exclaiming, “NO WAY are they eating that!” This isn’t about gourmet cooking – these dishes are are often wild takes on processed food – store-bought brands that folks grew up eating and loving. One of my favorite moments is when one of the Mexican scientists they interview about a two-pound Takis, cheese sauce, and corn platter notes that most Mexicans have gastritis and suffer from diarrhea about twice a week and don’t give a damn – they keep right on eating lime and chiles with everything. And there are some true characters featured in this series – fascinating folks who were just trying to make ends meet, came up with a wild idea, and started their food and drink experiments. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I have yet to watch this show with my Mexican dad – I want to get his take on some of this food.

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