Wilson, NC: Whole Truth Lunchroom -Smothered fried pork chops and collard greens

Sweet Lord, yes – here in Wilson, NC at the Whole Truth Lunchroom throwing down on some smothered fried pork chops, yams, collard greens and banana pudding. I took a picture of today’s menu for you. I love my Down East home cooking. I’ll try the neck bones next time. And, yes, they have pig tails and fried fish on Fridays. Oh, and I got free hushpuppies with my meal (see previous post on the importance of free hushpuppies to Southerners).

My lunch here led me to ask myself and to write about what the difference is between soul food and traditional Southern cooking.

Location: 515 Walnut St S., Wilson, NC
Parking: A small parking lot that stays full on Fridays (that’s fried fish day). But there is street parking. Now, you folks know I HATE street parking in a city and I won’t do it – but here, it is a quiet, back street with very easy street parking. No hassle.
Hipster Presence: NONE FOR MILES. This is mostly locals only.

Now this is what I’m talking about.

Friday’s menu – they also have fried fish on Fridays. Everybody is ordering the fish but I had a taste for pork chops.

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