Dive Bullies on Scuba Trips

By Angela Perez

I’ve had to delete my subscriptions to certain Facebook dive group pages and focus only on dive group pages for women. Jesus, I see these testosterone-laden dudes on some of these dive group pages get so nasty and judgmental and smart-ass to new divers or people who are just trying to learn more because they are inspired by their new passion for diving. These jerks who are cruel to new divers have mean and aggressive comments about folks’ choice in gear or how they dive. I cannot stand to see these a**holes bullying other divers online or in a shop or on a dive trip. SHUT UP, live and let live, and DIVE.
Diving is about fun and I want to encourage people who are learning to dive – not turn them away because they think it’s dominated by a group of chest-beating, jackass ball sacks who just want to list how many deep wreck dives they’ve done and read off the labels of all of their expensive gear.
Scuba diving should be a welcoming community – because, unless you are a paid dive professional, this is a hobby (you aren’t curing cancer) and it should be about fun and love of the ocean. Period.
P.S. I apologize to actual gorillas worldwide for using you as a comparison for these humans who are jerk divers.

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