Food tourism

What is food tourism?
Food tourism, also sometimes referred to as gastronomy, culinary heritage, or culinary tourism, is a quickly-growing sector of the cultural tourism industry. The United National World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) defines culinary tourism as “linked with food and related products and activities while traveling” that includes “authentic, traditional, and/or innovative culinary experiences” within a country or region. The UNWTO’s definition also includes related activities such as “visiting the local producers, participating in food festivals and attending cooking classes.” (“Gastronomy and Wine Tourism,” n.d.).
As international tourism rebounds to pre-Covid numbers, culinary tourism is, once again, on the rise again. Many elements of the hospitality industry are vastly different than the pre-Covid era and culinary tourism providers in the hospitality industry are seeking new ways to re-establish or re-invent their businesses. This page is dedicated to both 1) professionals in the culinary tourism industry and 2) tourists seeking out culinary experiences (in the form of food tours, pop-up dinners, unique dining experiences, food festivals, etc.) In a way, almost every restaurant that draws tourists qualifies as a participant in culinary tourism and this site will seek to help both business owners and tourists explore this ever-growing industry.

Stay tuned for a culinary tourism-related events calendar and course listings on how to start your own culinary tourism business!

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