It Ain’t Pretty But…

Well, gang, I woke up this morning all excited like it was Christmas Day! And why is that?
Because today is Chicken-n-Pastry Special Day at Carolina BBQ in Garner, NC. I was singing on the drive over: “Today is chicken and pastry day! Yes it is!” Rolled into the joint and oh Lord help us all – that special is only on Sundays and Thursdays. Oh, the pain, the sadness in my heart. And it’s such a cold, dreary day in Raleigh – I needed some warm comfort food. So I went with the Tuesday special – hamburger steak doused in gravy and onions, side of boiled cabbage and mashed potatoes and my beloved fried corn sticks. Add a glass of iced tea with that and the grand total is $11.84 plus tip.
Today’s special will do me for now but the countdown to Thursday is on. Nothing but down deep Wake County Southern accents in here and this restaurant reminds of the ole’ down home places from my childhood in northeastern NC. And As I was waiting in line to pay the bill and even on the way out, three different people talked to me like they’ve known me their whole lives – I love that there are still places like that in the Raleigh area.
Anyway, excuse me for now folks, I’m about to throw down over here.

I know, this ain’t pretty but it sure hits the spot on a cold, dreary day in N.C. And, as those of you who are fans of the art of baking and frying corn-meal based breads, corn sticks are hard to come by these days.

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