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Favorite Food Shows – Heavenly Bites: Mexico

One of my newest favorite food shows on Netflix right now is “Heavenly Bites: Mexico.” It is hilarious – very smart ass and tongue in cheek – celebrating Mexicans’ love affair with the quirkiest, most insane food and flavor combinations. Which has, of course, at its base lime and chiles. You’ll lean forward on your couch exclaiming, “NO WAY are they eating that!”

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Krill, a new Asian street food restaurant, opened in Durham this week

Krill’s name pays tribute to the small fish known for nourishing an entire ecosystem, similar to how this small restaurant hopes to nourish the community. Chef Jason Lawless leads the team. Get ready for some interesting name dropping (in a good way): Lawless trained with two of America’s pioneering chefs – Singapore born Swiss Chef […]

Olivero: Chef Sunny G. to open a new joint in Wilmington, NC

Ah, dear readers, forgive my long absence. I have been on a month-long road trip adventure with my elderly, blind, and diabetic dog, Tater, into the Southwest. We hit up West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona – and when I say “hit up,” I’m telling you – we went EVERYWHERE. I will share a travel […]


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