“There wasn’t flour in those bags…it was heroin.” Yep, there’s a new true crime series set in the culinary world.

by Angela Perez

Food culture meets true crime in a t.v. show?!? SIGN ME UP for VICE TV’s new show, “Devoured.” VICE has cooked up a sinfully delicious t.v. crime series ready for your bingeing pleasure on February 21 at 10 p.m. The show delves into stories of the dark underbelly of the world of restaurants, owners, chefs, and foodies. At the same time, the true tales narrate important and interesting moments in the history of food and culinary trends. And Duckie Dale from Pretty in Pink, um, I mean John Cryer, narrates it all.
According to the online magazine Deadline:

The series will kick off with an episode exploring how the mafia took justice into their own hands after a secret family recipe was stolen from Brooklyn’s L&B Spumoni Gardens & Pizzeria. Other installments will cover “The Codfather”, who ran one of the largest fishing operations in the United States until he was taken down by the IRS for fishy business practices, the 2015 Blue Bell Ice Cream listeria outbreak, and how infidelity and a stolen recipe led to the end of New York’s world famous Carnegie Deli.

The lusciously ignoble acts begin in Episode 1, “A Slice of the Pie”: “When a New York pizzeria’s recipe is stolen, the mafia serves up some old-fashioned justice.”

I, for one, plan to order a pepperoni pizza from my favorite joint, Frank’s here in Raleigh, NC, ensconce myself on the couch, and tune in on Monday. A perfectly balanced recipe for fun!

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