Raleigh, NC: Tacos Costa Grande food truck

Beautiful birria tacos for lunch. From the Tacos Costa Grande food truck at the Citgo on Lake Wheeler Road (just past the Food Lion off Tryon and Lake Wheeler). These tacos and the sauces are solid. Warms the heart, soul, and body.
Ah, so what is birria? You may have noticed you are seeing birria everything at Mexican joints these days. It’s become all the rage. Birria, a regional dish from Mexico, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity recently. It’s basically a stew of dizzyingly tender braised beef or goat, the shreds of meat floating in a glistening scarlet broth of rendered animal fat, spicy adobo, and whatever else makes the chef happy. It may be a food trend, but it is a dang incredible one to hop on. Yee haw! The way the meat is prepared, the specific spices used, all of this depends on the individual chef or home cook.

Location: At The CITGO Gas Station, 2618 Lake Wheeler Rd, Raleigh, NC
Hours: every day except Tuesday, 11am-10pm (though sometimes closed randomly on other days). Check their Facebook page for the most up-do-date info.
Parking: Lots and lots of wonderful, glorious, easy parking!
Hipster Ratio: Didn’t see a single one.

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