Krill, a new Asian street food restaurant, opened in Durham this week

Krill’s name pays tribute to the small fish known for nourishing an entire ecosystem, similar to how this small restaurant hopes to nourish the community. Chef Jason Lawless leads the team. Get ready for some interesting name dropping (in a good way):

Lawless trained with two of America’s pioneering chefs – Singapore born Swiss Chef Gray Kunz – who helped introduce Asian fusion flavors to the United States, and Chef Floyd Cardoz, who introduced a groundbreaking temple of Indian cuisine known for exotic spices and flavor.
Lawless served as Executive Sous Chef of Gray Kunz’ Café Gray and Chef de Partie at Chef Cardoz’s Tabla, and received additional training with some of the most well-known chefs in the world — including acclaimed Alain Ducasse at MIX in New York City and Stephan Pyles’ at Star Canyon in Dallas.
“I was so fortunate to work with these late, great chefs, Gray Kunz and Floyd Cardoz — both of whom we lost too soon, recently. Training with them inspired a love affair with the flavors and techniques of Asia and India, so it’s incredibly exciting to be finally bringing a restaurant and menu to life that reflects their influence,” said Lawless, whose menu offers twists on Asian inspired street food such as blistered miso shishitos with furikake aioli and sesame seeds, pork buns with adobo and pickled vegetables, uni udon with mussels, sweet sake and scallions, and grilled chicken with kimchi vinaigrette.

Krill’s concise menu is designed for sharing, and divided evenly between hot and cold starters, wok, noodles, skewers and large plates. Krill’s signature wok-fried rice — which cleverly combines Chinese, Filipino, Thai and Japanese influences with the addition of fermented crab and shrimp paste, Chinese sausage, cilantro, Thai basil and shaved bonito — is not to be missed, as well as the crispy whole fish with a Singapore-style papaya salad with citrus, toasted coriander, and mustard seed. Look for fresh East-meets-West cocktails like Peaches & Dreams -Tennessee Whiskey mixed with unfiltered sake, peach puree and kalamansi – and features a sugared rim. The menu includes sake, beer, wine and craft cocktails, to dishes from traditional woks and the charcoal grill, and house made sambal and nam pla on every table.
And you readers know that easy parking (I cannot deal with street or parking deck parking) is important to me – and this place claims to have on-site parking. A full review of this place shall be forthcoming. It looks to have a bit of the beloved Indochine (of Wilmington) vibe. And is that Anthony Bourdain I see on one of the wall’s murals?

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