Williamston, NC: Shaw’s BBQ

Sometimes, when you visit down home in northeastern NC in the morning hours, you gotta get that link sausage biscuit at Shaw’s BBQ. Our family has been eating bbq sandwiches and hot crispy corn sticks drenched in butter from Shaw’s since the 70s. On the weekend, it is slammed busy so the week days are a better bet if you are in a hurry. They also sell packages of homemade souse, patty sausage, and link sausages in a refrigerated display case. Shaw’s makes their sausage in house and it is so good on a biscuit.
I LOVE corn sticks – hot water cornbread of any kind is my favorite kind of cornbread.

Location: 202 W. Boulevard, Williamston, NC
Parking: Plenty of parking except on busy days. If the lot is full, I park at the abandoned former Pizza Hut next door. Y’awl know I don’t do street parking if I don’t have to.
Hipsters: NONE WHATSOEVER – it’s mostly locals who have been coming here for decades

I slather grits on my sausage link biscuits from Shaw’s.

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