What Matters to You at Restaurants?: Top 10 Restaurant Trends in 2022

Top Restaurant Trends in 2022 to look out for (according to the National Restaurant Association). How important are these to you when choosing where you want to eat? Or do you even think about these trends when you dine out or order delivery/take out?

Most of this is related to conscious eating – sustainable, plant based, and environmentally conscious. I must confess, while I support these trends and certainly see the importance and value of them, the trends on this list would not really influence where or what I choose to eat. For me, they are “nice to haves” but an interesting menu with beautifully executed food is the most important part of my dining experience. The rest is gravy.

I would, however, be influenced by other trends mentioned by the association: “Chefs say they anticipate more upscale potato chips, new appetizer “wing” selections, globally spiced fries, and alcohol-infused desserts will find spots on the menu…”

Here are the Top 10 overall trends for 2022:

  1. Sustainable, reusable and recyclable packaging
  2. Packaging that maintains food quality and ensures the food travels well during delivery
  3. Packaging that retains temperature—hot food hot, cold food cold
  4. Zero waste/sustainability
  5. Immunity-boosting snacks
  6. Menu streamlining, featuring fewer items and SKUs
  7. Immunity-boosting/functional ingredients
  8. Plant-based sandwiches
  9. Food security/tamper-proof packaging
  10. Alternative sweeteners, like maple and coconut sugars
In 2022, you are likely to find more desserts on menus made with maple and coconut sugars. Photo courtesy of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association

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