Do you want the scent of French fries wafting from your neck and delicate bits? Okay, hot potato, here ya’ go…

by Angela Perez

I love the taste of hot crispy French fries (crinkle fries are my favorite). And I love the rich scent of potatoes wafting from the bag when I go through a drive through (and, yes, I do still love McDonald’s fries and I LOVE Arby’s new crinkle fries – don’t hate.).
But do I love the scent enough that I want to spray it on my neck and delicate bits? Maybe so…the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) launched a limited-edition French fry scented perfume, Frites by Idaho, on February 14. And this Southerner, well, she wants to spray it all over her body. Alas, it is already SOLD OUT. Still, a gal can dream.

According to the IPC: Frites by Idaho is made from distilled Idaho potatoes and essential oils. The 1.7-ounce crystalline bottle retails for $1.89, about the price of a large order of French fries.

Photo by IPC

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