Wait, there are folks who like to watch women eat pie?!

by Angela Perez

So, listen up, gang. Today, I picked up my scrumptialiscious (my new word) honey chess pie from Chef Dani Nation (you may recall my article about this pie from last week). And, to add some fun to this food site, I decided to make a VIDEO of myself unwrapping the pie from it’s cute little box and tasting it and reviewing it while I discussed the origins of chess pie and its importance in the Southern dessert canon. But, as I started to lay out my place setting for the video, I started to worry:
“What if there are some weird perverted folks out there with a fetish for watching larger women eat pie? I don’t want anybody touching themselves while I ooohh and ahhh over the gooeyness of the filling.”

Video or photo, either way, that honey chess pie was delicious. I’ll write more about that later.

Hmmmm….I decided to Google this fetish just to be on the safe side. Turns out, there are indeed folks who get off on watching women eat pie. And some of them like to watch thin women eat pie, some of them like to watch bigger women eat pie, there’s even a market to watch Chinese women eat pie in the bathroom.
I really wish I hadn’t Googled pie-eating fetishes.
So, I decided not to make the video and instead, here I am sharing a picture of me about to taste the pie. The review and history of chess pie is forthcoming. Wait, maybe there’s a market for photos of larger women holding up pies…Oh…dang…

OH, AND THE BIG NEWS: I found an origin story on chess pie in the Washington Post – and it boggled my mind. Here’s an excerpt, but keep in mind, this is just the first step in getting to the bottom of chess pie – this pastry chef ends up having to dig real, real deep:

“I found Phila’s recipe: usual ingredients, usual instructions. Then, casually thrown in at the end, there it was — a footnote that was the pragmatic answer to all my chess pie origin-story curiosity: ‘Chess pie gets its name from chestnut meal which was used in olden days in place of cornmeal.’ “

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